The effect of housing system on egg quality of Lohmann white and Czech hen

Jana Svobodova, Eva Tůmová, Michaela Englmaierová


DOI: 10.15414/afz.2014.17.02.44–46

Received 7. May 2014 ǀ Accepted 3. June 2014 ǀ Available online 23. June 2014

The effect of housing systems (conventional cages and litter) and genotype (Czech hen and Lohmann) on egg quality was investigated. The totals of 1500 eggs were analysed. A significant interaction between housing system and genotype was found in shape index (P ≤ 0.001) and eggshell weight (P ≤ 0.027). The housing system significantly (P ˂ 0.001) affected egg weight. Higher values in Czech hen were detected in litter on other hand in Lohmann were found in cage. Higher egg weight (61.18g vs. 49.19g) and eggshell weight (6.02g vs. 4.79g) was found in Lohmann compared to Czech hen. Shape index (76.46g vs. 75.15g) and deformation (0.31N vs. 0.29N) was higher in eggs from Czech hen compared to Lohmann. Significant interaction between housing system and genotype in albumen weight (P ≤ 0.023), albumen share (P ≤ 0.018), albumen index (P ≤ 0.042) and yolk share (P ≤ 0.034) were detected. Yolk share, yolk index and yolk colour were higher in eggs from Czech hen compared to yolk weight. 

Keywords: hens, genotype, housing system, egg quality

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