Effect of bee poolen in chicken diet on selected parameters of mineral profile

Anna Kalafova, Peter Haščík, Peter Petruška, Eva Tušimová, Peter Čupka, Martin Mellen, Marcela Capcarová


DOI: 10.15414/afz.2014.17.03.90–92

Received 27. May 2014 ǀ Accepted 6. June 2014 ǀ Available online 27. August 2014

The aim of the experiment was to monitor the effect of bee pollen extract on selected parameters of mineral profile (phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chlorides) of ROSS 308 hybrid chicken broilers (n=196). Chickens were divided into three groups (C, control; E1, and E2 experimental groups). Experimental chickens received bee pollen in feed mixture in various doses as follows: E1 – 400 mg.kg-1; E2 – 800 mg.kg-1. Feeding period lasted 42 days. After 42 days of feeding chickens were slaughtered and blood samples (n=10 in each group) were obtained. The blood serum was separated from whole blood by centrifugation at 3000g for 30 min. The following parameters (phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chlorides) were determined using automatic analyzer Microlab 300 (Merck®, Germany) and microprocessor-controlled analyzer EasyLite (Medica, Bedford, USA) according to the manufacturers instructions. Mineral parameters were not influenced (P>0.05) after bee pollen treatment. Detailed of the physiological mechanism involved in this should be further investigated.

Keywords: bee pollen, broiler chickens, serum mineral parameters

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