Production type of Slovak Pinzgau cattle in respect of related breeds

Veronika Šidlová, Nina Moravčíková, Anna Trakovická, Maja Ferenčaković, Ino Curik, Radovan Kasarda


DOI: 10.15414/afz.2015.18.02.25–29

Received 12. May 2015 ǀ Accepted 6. June 2015 ǀ Available online 29. June 2015

The objective of this study was to identify current phenotype of Slovak Pinzgau cattle based on BovineSNP50 v2 BeadChip. Genetic structure of 19 Pinzgau bulls has been analysed using 42 854 autosomal SNPs. To provide preliminary investigation the similarity among individuals belonging to the populations that historically contributed to the breed origin was estimated. The Bayesian approach as effective detection for number of clusters without reference to prior information of the genetic subdivision was used. Assuming populations distribution based on production type (milk and dual-purpose), two clusters have been chosen as a possible division of six observed populations. Based on this assumption, division to two main populations was observed, Holstein population as a representative of milk production type and Simmental population as a representative of dual-purpose type. Systematic selection due to increasing of milk production is apparent. Genetic insight into the Slovak Pinzgau population is a good indicator for monitoring and preserving of this endangered breed in its original phenotype. Further investigation using high-throughpout genotyping data and maintenance of dual-purpose production type is necessary.

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