Effects of Zeolite Supplementation on some Fermentation Process Characteristics of Growing Pigs

Lukáš Bujňák, Ľubor Bindas, Iveta Maskaľová, Vladimír Vajda



Received 13. July 2015 ǀ Accepted 10. August 2015 ǀ Available online 14. October 2015

Forty fattening pigs (meat hybrid; category 25-40 kg) of both sexes were divided into two treatments, to evaluate the fermentation process effect of zeolite included in the feeding. The treatments consisted of the incorporation of 0 and 2 % natural zeolite in the feed. After the period of diet adaptation (21 d), the faeces were collected. The levels of total nitrogen substances – crude protein (CP), ammonia (NH3), dry matter (DM), and volatile fatty acids were determined in the faeces. There were (fresh and dry basis) higher values of CP (59.5 and 53.0 vs. 230.7 and 224.2 g.kg-1) and NH3 (1.25 and 1.04 vs. 4.81 and 4.43 g.kg-1) in the faeces from the group given zeolite, as well as superior values of dry matter (25.78 % vs. 23.61%).

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