Digestibility of NDF and its effect on the level of rumen fermentation of carbohydrates

Iveta Maskaľová, Vladimír Vajda


DOI: 10.15414/afz.2015.18.04.110–113

Received 14. July 2015 ǀ Accepted 12. October 2015 ǀ Available online 7. December 2015

The objective of this study, was to determinate the effects of digestibility of NDF of TMR on rumen fermentation characteristics and nutrient digestion, dairy cows were fed total mixed ration (TMR). We are measured NDF digestibility of TMR using in situ methods.Digestibility of NDF of TMR in our experiment range 26.8 to 48.2%.  Digestibility of NDF of TMR did not alter VFA production but had effects on A/P ratio and production of acetate and propionate. Our results indicate that TMR with more dNDF may provide more favourable condition for nutrient digestion both in the rumen and in the total tract of dairy cows.

 Keywords: rumen, fermentation, NDF, volatile fatty acids, digestibility of NDF

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