The effect of protein metabolism on weanlings blood parameters level

Ľubor Bindas, Iveta Maskaľová, Lukáš Bujňák





Received 14. July 2015 ǀ Accepted 28. August 2015 ǀ Available online 14. October 2015

This study was conducted to determine the effects of low-protein diets supplemented with crystalline amino acids (AA) on biochemical parameters and performance in 10 crossbred piglets weaned at 28 days of age ( 2 groups of 5 each, 8.8±0.6 kg and 8.6±0.7 kg live weight). The treatments were a control diet containing 210.8 -1CP (crude protein) and low protein diet containing supplemented with crystalline AA (lysine, threonine, methionine) to achieve an ideal AA pattern. Blood from all piglets was taken for determining biochemical parameters 5 weeks after weaning. The decrease in the diet CP content was manifested signification P< 0,01 decrease concentrations of blood urea (average concentrations 2.61 mmol.l-1 and 4.21 mmol.l-1), which means the increase of biological value in the feed mixture.

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