Effect of Humic Substances on the Production Parameters of Pheasant Hens

Igor Sopoliga, Alena Hreško-Šamudovská, Mária Demeterová, Pavel Naď, Andrej Marcin, Magdaléna Skalická


Received: 2015-07-15   |   Accepted: 2015-11-03   |   Available online: 2016-04-23


There were observed the effects ofadministrationof humicsubstances on health, feed conversion, productionparameters, egg qualityandhatchabilityofpheasants. The supplement of humicsubstances at the concentration 0.5% in the feed mixture significantly influenced the hatchability percentage of pheasant chicks.The hatchability 72.9% was achieved in the group without addition of humic substances.On the contrary, the hatchability 83.4% was achieved in the experimental group in the case of addition of humic substances.The pheasants of the experimental grouphadahigher consumption of feed by 0.27 kgper 1 kg ofproduced eggs, lower production of eggsper one henand the weight of eggs was lower by 1.15 g.


Keywords: pheasant, humic substances production, eggs, hatchability


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