Textural properties of spelt noodles

Joanna Korczyk-Szabó, Magdalena Lacko-Bartosova


The texture of cooked noodles is a very important quality characteristic for both processors and consumers. Selected indicators of noodle texture of three spelt cultivars – Altgold, Ostro and Franckenkorn grown in an ecological system during the years 2010–2011 are presented. A TA.XT Plus (texture analyzer) was used to determine cooked spelt wheat noodle firmness, hardness, adhesiveness, elasticity and extensibility, following AACC (66-50) standard method. The spelt wheat noodle texture quality was significantly depended on the variety, year of growing as well as flour type. The wholemeal spelt wheat noodles were characterized with lower cutting firmness than the flour noodles. Flour noodles were more sticky but also less tensile and hard than wholemeal noodles. Spelt wheat is suitable for noodle production, however also here there is a choice differences between varieties. According to achieved results, wholemeal noodles prepared from Franckenkorn can be recommended for noodle industry due to their consistent structure and better texture quality after cooking

Keywords: spelt noodles, texture, firmness, hardness, elasticity

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