Measuring and evaluating spelt bread texture

Joanna Korczyk-Szabó, Magdalena Lacko-Bartosova


Texture analysis is an objective physical examination of baked products and gives direct information on the product quality, oppositely to dough rheology tests what inform on the baking suitability of the flour, as raw material. It is the major criterion in assessing the eating quality of bread because of its close association with the consumer´s perception of freshness. During the years 2010–2011   selected indicators for bread texture quality of three Triticum spelta L. cultivars – Altgold, Ostro and Franckenkorn grown in an ecological system were analyzed. The bread texture quality was evaluated on texture analyzer, following the AACC (74-09) standard method and expressed as crumb firmness, stiffness and relative elasticity. The influence of the variety as well as weather condition on textural properties of bread crumb values was statistically significant. The spelt wheat bread crumb texture required further investigation as it can be a reliable quality parameter.

Keywords: spelt bread, texture, firmness, stiffness, elasticity

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