Winter wheat noodle colour evaluation in sustainable farming systems

Magdalena Lacko-Bartosova, Lucia Lacko-Bartosova


The aim of this work was to evaluate colour of noodles that were prepared from winter wheat grown in ecological and integrated arable farming systems after different forecrops with two levels of fertilization (fertilized and unfertilized) during the years 2009 and 2010. Winter wheat noodles were prepared from white flour and wholegrain flour and it’s colour was evaluated using the spectro-colorimeter. Colour of white flour noodles was significantly influenced by forecrop, crop nutrition (fertilized and unfertilized variants) and by meteorological conditions during experimental years. Farming systems had no statistical effect on white flour noodles colour values. The colour of wholegrain noodles was affected by farming system, forecrop, crop nutrition and also the year of growing. Whole grain noodles from ecological system were darker, with lower lightness, higher redness compared to noodles from integrated system. Fertilization increased redness, yellowness and decrease the lightness of white flour noodles, on the contrary, fertilization increase the lightness and decrease the redness of wholegrain noodles.

Keywords: ecological, integrated arable system, wheat noodle colour

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