On-farm examination of main-crop potato varieties in Hungary

Orsolya Papp


Characterisation of potato varieties in Hungary is based on conventional breeding and examination processes. Therefore organic growers need experimental data about the performance of new multi-resistant potato varieties under organic conditions. In order to provide sufficient information in 2012 we initiated a participatory-research program for testing resistant potato varieties under local organic conditions. 2012-2014 ten main-crop varieties were tested by participating organic farmers. Among the varieties Bettina, Desirée, Démon, Hópehely, Katica and Tiamo reached the highest yields. In the qualitative assessment the Streptomyces infection appeared to be most frequent. Among red-peel varieties Démon, among yellow-peel varieties Hópehely showed highest resistance to examined infections. The on-farm program is still running, in 2014 participant farmers’ number grew to 22. Achievements and results underline the importance of on-farm participatory research networks.

Keywords: potato, resistant varieties, on-farm examination, participatory research, Streptomyces

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