Detection of qualitative changes of ecologically cultivated wheat with different intensity of Fusarium spp. contamination using rheological system Mixolab

Ivana Capouchová, Ludmila Papoušková, Petr Konvalina, Dagmar Janovská, Monika Zrcková


The impact of Fusarium spp. contamination on baking quality of common wheat (variety Bohemia) from organic farming system was monitored by rheological system Mixolab. The mycotoxin deoxynivalenol (DON) content and standard technological quality characteristics  were measured, too. Considerably worse technological parameters were determined in variant with higher Fusarium spp. contamination, evoked by the artificial inoculation of flowering ears. Simultaneously, increased intensity of Fusarium spp. contamination evidently worsened rheological quality and its negative effect on protein and starch part of the grain was obvious from the Mixolab characteristics.

Keywords: wheat, Fusarium spp., technological quality, Mixolab

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