Assessing the genetic diversity in the Slovak Sport Pony using genealogic information

Ondrej Kadlecik, Ivan Pavlík, Eva Hazuchová, Radovan Kasarda


The goal of the paper was to assess genetic diversity in the Slovak Sport Pony nucleus based on pedigree information. The analysed data consisted of 179 horses (63 stallions, 116 mares) in pedigree (RoP) and 45 (4 stallions, 41mares) in reference (RP) populations. The equivalent complete generations  in RP was 4.97±0.56, average value of inbreeding was 3.33 %, relationship koefficient  AR= 9.44 %, ΔFi=0.78 % and realised effective  population size 23.27 ± 0,94. The evaluated population was derived from 57 founders. The effective number of founders was 35, effective numbers of ancestors 7. The 3 ancestors explained 50 % of genetic diversity and 16 ancestors contributed to the reference population. Branco, Shalom and Karneol-70 were the most important ancestors. Obtained results will be used in genetic management of Slovak Sport Pony population.

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