Nutrient balance of ecological and conventional cropping system

Milan Macák, Štefan Žák


The field trial was conducted during 1999–2005 at the RIPP in Piešťany in water protected zone. The nutrient balance of N, P, K, Mg and Ca was calculated for individual crops and for six crop rotation pattern as a whole. Incorporation of straw, catch crops and FYM was used. Crop rotation pattern of common pea – winter wheat – early potato – spring barley – red clover – winter wheat was growing under ecological system and conventional system with two level of nitrogen input. Balance of nutrients for the whole crop rotation in both systems was positive. Incorporation of fertility building crops (green manures and catch crops) in sufficient way positively influence the nutrient balance across the whole crop rotation. In ecological system balance of main nutrients in kg ha-1 was as follows: N+52.5, P+1.2, K+35.8, Mg+7.3, Ca+95.9.
Keywords: ecological system, conventional system, crop rotation, nutrient balance

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