Productivity and macroelements content of cereal and legume crops

Milan Macák, Štefan Žák, Marta Andrejčíková


Productivity of ecological and conventional system at two fertilization level, and average content of N, P, K and Mg in grains was evaluated in a field trial at south–western Slovakia during 1999-2005. A six-crop rotation pattern was used as follows: common pea – winter wheat and catch crop, early potato, spring barley, red clover, and winter wheat and catch crop. The designed ecological system support the productivity of cereals and legumes comparable to conventional system. No differences between two levels of fertilization and productivity expressed in Cereal Units (CU) were recognized. Negative relationship between productivity expressed in CU and total content of macroelements was confirm. Significantly higher content of potassium and magnesium was detected in ecological system with comparison to conventional system with higher input of nitrogen.
Keywords: ecological system, crop rotation, cereals, legumes, macroelements, productivity

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