Comparison of genomic breeding values of Holstein in Czech Republic

Jana Přibylova, Jiří Bauer, Václav Čermák, Daniela Fulínová, Jiří Motyčka, Petr Pešek, Josef Přibyl, Jiří Šplíchal, Hana Vostrá Vydrová, Luboš Vostrý, Ludmila Zavadilová


Genomic evaluation by single-step procedure allows efficient implanting of genetic SNP markers into complicated procedure of random regression test-day-model of milk traits. Test-day records and pedigree files on nation-wide scale are combined with genomic relationship into common evaluation of both genotyped and ungenotyped animals. Due to strong import of foreign sperm into small national populations is the reliability of evaluation of young animals low. This is particularly seen in evaluation of young bulls, which frequently have both parents foreign. Genomic evaluation helps and notably improves reliability of evaluation. ssGBLUP procedure is advantageous especially for small populations. Domestic genomic evaluation of young animals has medium to high correlation with foreign Interbull values. Interbull conversion of values of bulls according MACE, which works with progeny tested bulls, is more reliable than conversion according GMACE procedure, which works with genomic evaluation of young animals.  

Keywords: genomic breeding value, ssGBLUP, test day model, MACE, GMACE


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