The search for SNPs and genes associated with the feed conversion ratio using entropy analysis.

Magdalena Graczyk, Henry Reyer, Klaus Wimmers, Rachel Hawken, Tomasz Szwaczkowski


The aim of this study was to detect the chromosomal regions connected with feed conversion ratio and point out the respective genes in meat-type chicken. Analysis covered 862 genotyped commercial line of broiler using 60K Illumina iSelect chicken array and obtained information about 57636 SNPs. Feed conversion ratio between 39-46 days were registered. Finally, 42770 SNPs were analysed. The information theory is employed to detect the association between SNPs and recorded traits. The following parameters were estimated: entropy coefficient, conditional entropy, portion of information and mutual information. Important regions at chromosomes 1 and Z were identified. They are mainly located within genes determining the nervous system and expressed also in gastrointestinal tract.

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