Slavomíra Senková, Milan Bežo, Mária Labajová


The efficiency comparison of two IRAP markers of plum (Prunus domestica L.) genome was realized on nine plum genotypes. Primer
IRAP1 was derived from LTR´s (Long Terminal Repeat) 3´end of plum retrotransposon Cassandra and primer IRAP2 was designed based on
LTR´s 5´end of the same retrotransposon. Orientation and length of primers were designed as the same. PCR products were amplified in
optimized conditions. By the study of electrophoreograms it have been revealed that IRAP1 primer provided 4 polymorphic levels from 10
total levels and IRAP2 primer created 10 polymorphic levels from 18 total levels. In the case of IRAP2 primer there were registered unique
bands, too. Percentage content of polymorphic fragments constitutes 23% for IRAP1 and 41% for IRAP2 primer. Four plum genotypes
collected from Slovak locations of their natural occurrence (Pečovská N. Ves, Torysa, Podolínec and Lipany) were evaluated based on
genetic similarity Nei, Li coefficients as the most similar by both primers.

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