The C-reactive protein promoter polymorphism of selected rabbits

Dušan Vašíček, Ľubomír Ondruška, Katarína Vašíčková, Rastislav Jurčík, Vladimír Parkányi


The polymorphism of rabbit C-reactive protein promoter was investigated in two groups subjected to strict divergent selected rabbits according variation range of live-born kits at least after 3 litters. Difference in CRP plasma level between selected groups was observed on the basis of the sequence accession number NW_003159286 region: 13347320..13352360 available in GenBank, two oligonucleotide primers, rCRP_F and rCRP_R were designed and used to amplify a 501 bp-long fragment containing the CRP gene promoter, 5’UTR region and part of coding sequence was amplified by PCR and sequenced. A three single nucleotide polymorphism were detected. High resolution melting analysis was used for genotyping of P and F1 generation. The results showed that HRM curve analysis was capable of detecting variations of 3 bp in PCR products of 501 bp. Results suggests that identified SNPs of rabbit CRP gene promoter may be relevant in the divergent selection of appropriate parental genotypes.

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