Effect of pre-storage of hatching eggs on hatchability of poultry

Cyril Hrnčár, Jozef Bujko


The present study reports the effect of two different pre-storage incubation (PRESI) periods (6 and 12 hours) on hatchability and embryo mortality of chickens. As much as 450 hatching eggs were obtained from a parent flock of Oravka and were divided into three groups containing 50 eggs each with three replicates. The control group without PRESI was stored for 10 days under controlled conditions (temperature 15°C, relative humidity 70%). The group PRESI 6 had been heated at 37.5°C for 6 hours and stored 10 days at controlled storage conditions. The group PRESI 12 had been heated at 37.5°C for 12 hours and stored at controlled storage conditions for the 10 day period. Hatching eggs were incubated in commercial incubator F500S in standard conditions for chickens hatching. The positive effect of pre-storage incubation on hatchability was recorded, with values of hatchability reaching 81.54, 92.81 and 88.04%. Maximum embryo mortality was recorded in the control group (12.93%), while PRESI 6 had minimum mortality (3.23%). Pre-storage incubation did not affect the length of incubation and live weight of one-day chickens. Incubation of hatching eggs for 6-hours pre-store incubation was effective in comparison with long-term heating in all tested parameters.

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