Identification of DNA polymorphism at the 154 codon of the ovine PRPN gene by allelic discrimination using a dual fluorescent probe assay

Martina Miluchová, Michal Gábor, Anna Trakovická


The aim of this study was to investigate prion gene polymorphism at codon 154 of common breeds of sheep in Slovakia to provide information about their susceptibility to scrapie. The material involved 82 sheep. Genomic DNA was extracted from whole blood by salting out method. Genetic analysis of the PrP gene was realised by an allelic discrimination technique using the TaqMan assays. In sheep population the predominace of homozygote genotype RR was detected. Heterozygote genotype RH was present in breed Lacaune (1 animal) and crossbreeds Improved Valachian x Lacaune (2 animals) and Improved Valachian x Lacaune x East Friesian Sheep Breed (1 animal).  Homozygote genotype HH was not observed.

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