Effect of biochar on soil structure – review

Martin Juriga, Vladimír Šimanský


Soil structure and organic matter are important indicators of soil quality. In the literature it states that there is a linear relation between soil structure and the organic matter. Mechanisms of formation and stabilization of aggregates have also been described in the literature, but it is evident that not every mechanism is applicable to various soil-climatic conditions. Recently, the modern but not the new term has become a biochar. It is anticipated that biochar is a significant source of C, and its application to the soil will improve the aggregation process in the soil. Lately we have been working in this area and we wanted to provide an overview of this issue through this review. The aim of this review was to collate and synthesize available information on soil structure and SOM. The emphasis of this review is on biochar and its combination with other organic and mineral fertilizers in relation to soil structure.

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