Andrea Lehotayová, Ondřej Bučko, Juraj Petrák, Ondrej Debrecéni


The influence of high ambient temperature on carcass parameters was studied in 13 fattening pigs of Large White breed. Pigs were divided in two groups. Experimental group was housed in climatic chamber with fixed constant temperature (30 °C) and control group of pigs was housed in pen in standard conditions. All the pigs were slaughtered at about 100 kg body weight. Results showed that higher average body weight during the whole trial was in experimental group, but there was no significant difference. Weight of loin was significantly higher (P<0.05) in group of pigs under heat burden than in standard conditions (5.32 vs. 4.89 kg). Whatever the weight of thigh, lean meat cuts and lean meat from thigh it was also higher in pigs housed in climatic chamber than in pen. But weight of backfat, thigh fat weight and average backfat thickness was lower in group of pigs influenced by heat. These proved that high temperature had an influence on selected carcass traits, which was showed in lower fat tissue and higher percentage of lean meat in carcass. Inasmuch the differences were not statistically significant in the fatty parts given fact still needs further study.

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