Sedobassia sedoides (Pall.) Freitag & G. Kadereit in Slovakia: native species or alien weed?

Pavol Eliáš, Daniel Dítě


The paper is aimed to explain occurrence and origin of Sedobassia sedoides in Slovakia because data presented in literature are not clear and complete. During our research, the occurrence of Sedobassia sedoides was confirmed in the Slovak flora on two reliable documented sites (Lednické Rovne, Bíňa) and one questionable location (Iliavka). Our research has confirmed that the species must be regarded as casual aliens in the Slovak flora. Except cultivation in botanical garden of Lednické Rovne at the beginning of 19th century, the first occurrence was documented in 1872 in ruderal habitat of the Bíňa village. The distribution map is also presented.

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