Phenological observatory and the diseases and pests occurence on Prunus L. Taxa in studied localities

Adela Kišacová, Ľuba Ďurišová, Tibor Baranec, Ľudmila Galuščáková



Received 29. January 2014 ǀ Accepted 27. February 2014 ǀ Available online 8. April 2014

The autochtonous taxa of the genus Prunus L.: Prunus × fruticans, Prunus × fechtneri and Prunus × dominii was chosen for this research: the phenological observations and occurrence pest and diseases. We recorded, that two of  studied taxa P. × fruticans and P. × dominii started the first growth phases and P.× fechtneri the last. The longest vegetation period from first phenophase to dormancy (224 days) for P.× fechtneri in 2012 was observed. The shortest vegetation period  (209 days) from first  phenophases to phenophases flowering for P. × fruticans in 2013 was observed . We recorded the occurrence of insect Cydia funebrana, parasitic lichen Xanthoria parietina and fungal disease Botrytis cinerea. The highest incidence of Cydia funebrana on taxa P.× fechtneri from the locality Bádice and Prunus × dominii from the locality Dolné Lefantovce was recorded. On the shoots of the taxa L2, L3 and P1 the presence of parasitic lichen Xantoria parietina and on the plum P.× fechtneri B fungal disease Botrytis cinerea was observed.  Only for the taxa Prunus × fruticans L1 no lichen was recorded. The taxa Prunus × fruticans L1, P1 and Prunus × dominii L2, L3 no fungal disease was show.

Key words: phenological observations, phenophases, Prunus taxa, disease, pests

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